Wednesday, May 19, 2010

SmartView Monitor in Checkpoint

This is a great way to provide trending statistics and troubleshoot bandwidth and throughput issues:

View the Smartview Monitor status
rtm drv stat

If Smartview Monitor is not running this command turns it on:
rtm drv on

rtm monitor [options]-g[entity-1…entity-n]

rtm monitor localhost -filter "[and[[interface 0 [[eth0in]]][svc 1 [telnet http]]]" -y C -g topsrc
Displays conncurrent connections for the top 50 sources pass on eth0 inbound that is not telnet or http.

rtm monitor localhost -filter -g topsvc
Displays the top 50 services passed on any interface in both directions

rtm monitor localhost hme1 -g topsvc -y b
Displays bytes per sec for top 50 services on interface hme1

Other switches:
-i number of seconds
Interface-name specif a specific interface
-y measurement units (bytes,packets, line)
C average concurrent connections
-g grouping optons (svc, src,dst,ip,fgrule,topsvc,

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