Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Clearing the host table on Checkpoint - number of license exceeded / how to release ip address from Checkpoint Gateways??

Clearing the internal host count

mv $FWDIR/database/fwd.h $FWDIR/database/fwd.h.backup;mv $FWDIR/database/fwd.hosts $FWDIR/database/fwd.hosts.backup;touch $FWDIR/database/fwd.h;touch $FWDIR/database/fwd.hosts;echo yes|fw tab -t host_table -x

clear it till the firewall is bounced
fw tab -t host_table -x (answer yes)

files is stores info in.
1. fwstop
2. Remove $FWDIR/database/fwd.h and $FWDIR/database/fwd.hosts
3. fwstart

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