Saturday, May 22, 2010

How to configure RSA SecurID for Telnet / http / https / telnet and SSH on NSF / Nortel Switched Firewall / Alteon 5111 / 5109 / 5106 / any 5100 series / NSF 6616 / 6614 series???

Configuring RSA SecurID configuration for Nortel Switched Firewall / Alteon for http, https, telnet and ssh services.

This is possible by configuring your RSA SecurID server in RADIUS server mode.
Note : Once you configure RADIUS on your firewall gateway, all local username password will be override with RADIUS users including local admin authentication will be redirected to RADIUS server.
Steps to configure the RSA SecurID server :
Install RADIUS component on your SecurID server.
Add the authentication client to your RADIUS server using RSA SecurID RADIUS service console.
Steps to configure the Firewall Module:
Add the RADIUS server using port number UDP 1645.
Make sure that the fallback option is enabled.

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