Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Creating a Read Only Checkpoint Secureplatform

Creating a user
1. SSH to the firewall where account will be setup on.
2. From the command line type "adduser ", here we will add the user with username testuser. The command should read "adduser testuser"
3. Input the desired password when prompted to do so

Changing the users shell
1. Open the passwd file for editing by typing "vi /etc/passwd"
2. Find the line corresponding to the user you just created. If you have created a user with username "testuser", the line you are looking for is "testuser:x:0:0::/home/test:/bin/cpshell"
3. Change the users shell, to do this we will change "/bin/cpshell" to "/path/to/shell".
Before the change the line should read:
After the change the line will read:

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