Thursday, May 27, 2010

How to configure SmartView Monitor Mail Alert

The internal_sendmail indicator is not a script. It is an internal Security Gateway indicator that directs the Check Point alerts daemon to send email, using the specified arguments. It does not require a mail server or mail client to be installed on the SmartCenter Server.

If the subject is longer than one word, it must be written within quotation marks.

The internal_sendmail indicator can be used in any of the script options on the 'Alert Commands' configuration page.

When choosing logging actions in rules or other Gateway logging properties, set the action to correspond to the alert you define on the 'Global Properties > Log and Alert > Alert Commands' property screen.

In SmartDashboard:
  1. Select 'Global Properties > Log and Alert > Alert Commands'.

  2. Check 'Send mail alert to SmartView Status'.

  3. Check 'Run mail alert script'.
    Enter script:
    internal_sendmail [-s ] [-t ] [-f ] ...

    Example (default):
    internal_sendmail -s alert -t mailserver_ip mail_account

  4. In the Rule Base, define a rule that will generate an alert. In the Track field, enter 'Mail'.

  5. Install the Security Policy.

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