Friday, May 28, 2010

How to check rule hit count / statistics in checkpoint?

As I mentioned before once you export firewall logs into human-readable format you can do lots of interesting things – for example script that gives statistics of how many times each Security rule was hit .
Be aware that this counts explicit Security rules only – i.e. the ones you see in Security tab of the Smartdashboard. No other rules you usually see in Smartview Tracker are counted – e.g. SmartDefense,Web Filtering etc. Also afterwards I sort it by number of hits to see what rules are used most:
awk -F\; ' {match($0,/rule: +([0-9]+)/,rules);rule_count[rules[1]]++} END {for (rule_number in rule_count) print " Rule number: " rule_number " Hits: " rule_count[rule_number]}' ./fw.log.txt | sort -n -k5
Rule number:  Hits: 1197330  Ignore this line as it counts non-matched lines I dont want to filter with additional conditions and added time processing  Rule number: 2 Hits: 9  Rule number: 5 Hits: 366  Rule number: 11 Hits: 12296  Rule number: 9 Hits: 14457  Rule number: 0 Hits: 17094  Rule number: 1 Hits: 44066  Rule number: 7 Hits: 233643  Rule number: 10 Hits: 366275  Rule number: 6 Hits: 424639

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