Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Checkpoint Upgrade to R75

R75 supports upgrading from lower software versions and management of lower Security Gateway versions.
Supported Management and Gateway Upgrade Paths
You can upgrade these Security Management server and Security Gateway versions to R75:
NGX R65 for SecurePlatform 2.6
NGX R65 for IPSO 6.2 (with HFA70 only)
NGX R65 Connectra NGX R66 Plug-in
NGX R65 with Messaging Security
NGX R65 VSX NGX R65 Management Plug-in
NGX R65.3
NGX R65 UTM-1/Power-1
R70, R70.1, R70.20, R70.30, R70.40
R71, R71.10, R71.20, R71.30
Upgrading from NGX R65.4 to R75 or higher is not supported.
To upgrade Check Point Suite Products lower than NGX R65 to R75, you must
first upgrade to NGX R65 and then to R75.
Upgrading from NGX R65
When you upgrade from NGX R65, only these plug-ins may be present: Connectra,
SmartProvisioning, VSX, and Messaging Security. The presence of any other plug-in
will cause the upgrade process to fail.
If you upgrade from NGX R65 with plug-ins to R75, and later want to uninstall R75
(rollback to NGX R65), follow the instructions in sk37252


Alexander said...

Can someone tell me step by step how to save config on r65 smart center and eventia suit and upgrade to r75 without loose nothnig. Thanks!

Alexander said...

Can someone tell me step by step how to save configuration on r65 eventia suit and smart center and upgrade to r75 without loose anything. Is this possible? R65 - 2.4 kernel , R75 - 2.6 kernel..

Alexander said...