Monday, December 13, 2010

Reset Fotigate Password Firmware 3.0 & 4.0

Reset Fotigate Password Firmware 3.0 & 4.0
Note : You will need the console cable that came with the device (RJ45 to Serial). Connect to the device using "Hyperterminal". From the time of reboot, you have 14 seconds to enter the login ID and password. Copy the login (maintainer) and password (bcpbYOURSERIALNUMBER) to Notepad/Wordpad. When prompted "copy and paste" this information.

(The serial number will be displayed during the console session)

Errors : The "hashed password" error notes that the login/password have not been entered in the time allowed. Reboot the device and "copy and paste" the login/password to the device. It may take a few attempts but it will work.

Please follow this procedure to setup console access with Fortinet's console cable :

1. Use the RJ-45 to DB-9 (or DB-9 to DB-9) serial cable and converter to connect the FortiGate Console port to the management computer serial port.
2.Start a terminal emulation program (HyperTerminal) on the management computer. Use these settings: Baud Rate (bps) 9600, Data bits 8, Parity None, Stop bits 1, and Flow Control None.
3.At the Login: prompt, please use following procedure to recover password

FG login: maintainer
Password: bcpbYOURSERIALNUMBER (Note that the letters are upper case, no spaces)

Press "Enter"

FG# conf sys admin
(admin)# edit admin
(admin)# set password xxxxxx<<this will be whatever password, (minimum of four characters) you prefer
(admin)# end

Now you should be able to log back in to the device from the gui, with the admin username and the password you've just set.

The default administrator account `admin' cannot change.
You can create administrators and assigned to the super_admin access profile. This user defined administers user name you can change.

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